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"Lucas Viani, MView: A tool for visualization and analysis of molecular properties."


4 L. Viani, M. Corbella, C. Curutchet, E. J. O'Reilly, A. Olaya-Castroc and B. Mennucci

Molecular basis of the exciton–phonon interactions in the PE545 light-harvesting complex

PCCP 2014
3 L. Viani , C. Risko , M. F. Toney , D. W. Breiby, and JL. Bredas

 Substrate-Induced Variations of Molecular Packing, Dynamics, and Intermolecular Electronic Couplings in Pentacene Monolayers on the Amorphous Silica Dielectric

ACS Nano 2013 
2 S. Caprasecca, C. Curutchet, and B. Mennucci

Dissecting the Nature of Exciton Interactions in Ethyne-linked
Tetraarylporphyrin Arrays

JPC C 2013
1 L. Viani, C. Curutchet, and B. Mennucci

Spatial and Electronic Correlations in the PE545 Light-Harvesting Complex

JPC Lett. 2013 
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